Thursday, February 25, 2010

How do ya do? Mighty pleasant greetin'!

If you read that title and immediately thought of sitting in a Splash Mountain log flume, you are in the right spot! (And if you didn't, that's okay!)

Howdy! My name is Nathan—and this blog is an attempt to connect with Disney Parks fans across the world. The plan is to make my way through all of the attractions in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, offering some commentary and some criticism. All will be met, however, with gentle humor and a fanatical viewpoint.

For I am, at heart, a true Disney fan who doesn't live close enough to the magic. I live with my wife in Portland, Oregon—and due to the recent economic crisis, we've been living on a very fixed income. So trips to the parks are simply out of the question. Any way you slice it, I am "a long way from Disney."

...that's the title of the blog.


  1. That is a long way from Disney. Especially WDW. Saw your post on the DIS about crying at Toy Story 3 and thought I'd look at your blog. Funny you're in Portland. My family is headed that way for vacation in a couple of weeks. Any good advice for the visitor to Portland?

  2. Hey Jonathan -

    I cannot e-mail you because your profile is private. Send me an e-mail at vikingsfan81 @ and I'll be happy to talk to you about Portland! :)