Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Supper - Victoria & Albert's

Recently, I sent my good friend AJ, over at, a menu from our Honeymoon kick-off dinner at Victoria & Albert's. Since AJ wrote me to let me know it would be posted (and credited to my blog—thanks, AJ!) I thought I would share here!

First of all, this meal took place more than a year-and-a-half ago, so my memories on individual courses are a little muddy. (Plus there was a lot of wine served... so...)

We caught the red-eye from Portland to Orlando the day after our wedding. The next day, we checked into our honeymoon suite at the Grand Floridian where, as soon as we got the room key, we napped our butts off. While I was finishing my nap, the hotel sent us this:

There is a strict dress code at Victoria & Albert's so the wife got all dolled up while I ironed a shirt. Our dinner reservation was at 6:00pm, but located in our hotel—which turned out great because we didn't have to walk around property or catch Disney transportation wearing our Sunday's finest. (Although, I thought it might be kind of cool to walk around the parks looking as spiffy as possible. But oh, how our dogs would have barked.)

V&A is located on the second floor of the lobby, near Citrico's and the Mizner's Lounge. We arrived a little early, but were promptly seated. (Behind the main entrance flower display, near the harp—fantastic.)

Two servers—a man and a woman—graciously greeted us and assured us every wish would be granted. ("Be Our Guest," indeed.) Unfortunately I do not remember their names—but they were fantastic. Knowledgeable. Enthusiastic. Accommodating. When we wanted privacy, they were in the shadows. When we needed something, they were right there. (For instance, when I returned from the bathroom, I was met with a brand new linen napkin gracing my seat.) And at the end of the evening, the gentleman server took our picture, guiding us through the restaurant to the best locations.

We were presented with custom menus (and my wife was also presented with a red rose—where's my rose, V&A!?). The meal was explained to us: we were to pick one item from each course. We also chose to add the wine pairings for an additional cost, as we are both big winos—er, wine enthusiasts.

The menu:
Amuse Bouche
Domaine Meriwether Brut Rose, Oregon 1999
Tamarind-Ancho Marinated Gulf Shrimp with Heirloom Tomato Vinaigrette
Cantina del Taburno Falanghina, Benevento 2006

Jumbo Lump and Dungeness Crab with California Asparagus Salad
Langtry Sauvignon Blanc, Lake Country 2006

Iranian Golden Osetra Caviar with Traditional Garnish ($150 .5oz/$300 1oz)
Roth Vodka
Long Island Duck with Roasted Beets and Sherry Bacon Vinaigrette
Carol Shelton Rocky Reserve Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley 2004

Poached South Carolina Quail with Black Mission Figs and Fuji Apples
Dr. Zenzen Volwiger Herrenberg Riesling Auslese, Mosel 2001

Pan Roasted Foie Gras with Georgia Peach Tart and Mostarda di Cremona ($20)
Royal Tokaji Azsu 5 Puttonyos, Mad Tokaj-Hegyalja 2003
Chateau d'Yquem Sauternes 2003 ($95 3oz)
Florida Black Grouper Amandine with Bean Ragout and Marcona Almonds
Domaine Vincent Girardin Savigny-Les-Beaune "Les Vermonts Dessus" 2006

Alaskan King Salmon with Pickled Onions and Demi-Tasse Cup of Smoked Salmon
Rosenthal "The Malibu Estate" Chardonnay, San Luis Obispo 2006

Seared Wild Turbot with Toasted Capers and Meyer Lemon ($30)
Twisted Oak Roussane/Marsanne, Sierra Foothills 2005
Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin and Belly with Artichokes and Florida Corn
Cesari "Mara" Vino Di Ripasso Valpolicella 2004

Marcho Farms Lamb with Yellow Chanterelles and English Peas
Abbazzia Barolo D.O.C.G., Piedmont 2002

Australian "Kobe" Beef Tenderloin with Smoked Garlic Puree ($35)
Japanese Wagyu Strip Loin with Oxtail Jus ($80)
Chateau St. Jean Cinq Cepages, Sonoma 2004
Colston Bassett Stilton, Nettle Meadow Kunik and Comte Forte Rousses
Quinta do Crasto Late Bottled Vintage Porto 2001

White Chocolate Gelato with Tableside Shavings and Micro Mint
Paolo Saracco Moscato D'Asti, Piedmont 2006
Tanzanian Chocolate Pyramid, Hawaiian Kona Chocolate Souffle
and Peruvian Chocolate Ice Cream and Puff Pastry

Berry Gateau with Mango Yogurt Panna Cotta

Caramelized Banana Gateau

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee

Grand Marnier Souffle

Hawaiian Kona Chocolate Souffle
"Celebes" Coffee, Tea and Friandise

Course 1:
We each got the same Amuse Bouche (4 different small warm-up bites for our tongues)

Course 2:
We each picked the crab salad.

Course 3:
I had the duck, while my wife went with the quail.

Course 4:
I had the salmon; my wife had the grouper.

Course 5:
My wife had the pork, while I sprang the extra dough for the "Kobe."

Course 6:
We think we shared a cheese plate and each received a gelato (we were getting a little tanked by then... ha.)

Course 7:
I had the Grand Marnier Souffle; my wife had the chocolate trio.

To say this meal was perfect would be an understatement. It truly was a magical night and exactly what we needed after 18 months of planning a wedding, getting married, hosting a day-after reception, and flying across the country.

I can see how this wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. It's fancy. The food is familiar, yet extremely different; elevated, I like to say. There's a harp player. You dine on fine china. I mean, you have to put on a jacket, for Walt-sakes. Plus it eats up a lot of time. We were probably there three-and-a-half hours. But what an experience.

We stumbled back to the room, and arrived to the sound of fireworks. (Boy, these guys really go all out!) HalloWishes was performing across the bay. We went out on the balcony, popped open the champagne we received from the hotel, and just breathed in the magic all around us. Corny, I know—but there aren't any other words to describe it. It simply was magical.


  1. After our last trip there - 3 weeks ago - the woman we sat next to on the plane asked "So is it still the most magical place on earth?" I didn't even hesitate but gave her the biggest smile and said "most definitely". We love Disney and it is where we spent our honeymoon and our recent 10 year anniversary. We chose the Hollywood Brown Derby for our honeymoon and anniversary dinners - sat in the same booth both times without us even asking. We love it there (better dress code LOL) and they always treat us well. Thank you for sharing your dinner story. It looks phenomenal. Happy Disney Day!

  2. Bella: I know, me too!

    Dangrdafne: I love the Hollywood Brown Derby, too. I think it's a pretty under-appreciated restaurant. It's wonderful food, great service, and a classy setting right in the middle of a theme park!! And you can ALWAYS get a table. (Also, we spent our honeymoon in WDW, too.)